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Thursday 7 March 2013

Light Show - Hayward Gallery - 30th January to 28th April 2013

During the half term I took a trip to see the Light Show at the Hayward Gallery with my 3 children. I thought this would be a show that would interest them and we weren't disappointed. The Light Show had 25 completely different light artworks and most of them could be interacted with. All used artificial light and invited us to experience and explore our responses to the work.

The show opened with Leo Villareal's 'Cylinder II'. It is a ring of beautiful LED lights which hand from rods. The intensity and speed of the light changes form a ring of falling water. Anthony McCall's 'You and I, Horizontal' is a 'solid light' installation. My children loved this as they walked through the endless beams of light a bit like the light you see beeming down from a cinema. They were totally fascinated at the effect the light had on their bodies, shining through them. Conrad Shawcross's 'Slow Arc inside a Cube IV' plays on moving light and shadows and his simple sculpture will make you feel very dizzy. I left this room quite quickly!

I couldn't decide if Jenny Holzer's 'Spinning 35,000 words' sculpture or Olafur Eliasson's 'Model for a Timeless Garden, 2011' was my favourite. Two completely different works but both mesmerising. Eliasson used strobe lights to illuminate flowing streams of water which appeared to look like dancing ghosts.

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