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Monday 8 April 2013

Barocci 'Brilliance and Grace' at the National Gallery

Last Monday I went to see Barocci 'Brilliance and Grace' at the National Gallery. I must admit that I had never heard of this painter before but the colours in the adverts for this show drew me in.

He was a sixteenth-century Italian artist much influenced by Raphael. He was a religious man and his work depicted this. He painted many gospel stories, his beautiful colour pallet giving them a warm appeal.

He and most of his work stayed in his home region of the Marches, Italy, on the altars for which they were made, so he did not get the recognition or the money he deserved. I was fascinated by his rich use of colour and I loved the way he painted light; it really takes you to a different place.

I have never really taken much notice of religious altar paintings but you cannot ignore the beauty in this man's work. It was a perfect Easter treat and if you appreciate brilliant drawings of which there are also many on show, and a love of colour, then see this show.


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